Work with me!

For nearly five years, I have been providing fellow authors with professional editing services. After publishing five books of my own, it became a passion of mine to help other authors get their books to that point, and I love keeping up with them and seeing their success!

I offer a thorough developmental/comprehensive/copy-edit combo with comments and Track Changes integrated into your document. A lot of my jobs were landed through UpWork, where I have a Top Rated profile with over 60 jobs successfully completed. For reference, you can find my profile HERE.

I’m available for hire through UpWork, or you contact me directly through the contact page. My rates are currently $35/hour on UpWork, or if you work with me directly, $10 per 1k words. I’m very flexible with timeframes and splitting up payments.

As you’ll notice through browsing the works I’ve personally written and looking through the projects I’ve edited below, I love Young Adult and Romance, and would be particularly happy to work with you in those genres, though I am open to others!

Some projects I have worked on:




Christian & Self-Help:



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